Seashell bowl - light marble

345,00 kr

Our unique seashell bowl is a handmade item that brings the natural beauty of the sea into your home. The bowl is inspired by nature's own shapes and textures, and it captures the delicate and sculptural nature of a real seashell.

The bowl is suitable as an eye-catching decorative object or as a unique storage solution for jewellery or small items. It is ideal for creating a feeling of luxury and can be a beautiful accent in the living room, bedroom or on a table.

Choose the bowl to add a touch of nature's own art to your decor. More than just a container, this bowl is a sculptural tribute to the beauty of the sea, bringing a unique and organic atmosphere into your home.

Approx. dimensions:
Height: 4.8 cm
Width: 19.5 cm
Depth: 14 cm

The products are handmade and from natural materials and may vary in nuances and dimensions.